The next step

Lord Ganesha's grace geared me up to get my self engaged the very next day,15th day of November1986, with Miss Bela Sarraf of Rajnagar, a small village in Bihar.
The days of celebrations started in full swing,
marriage date announced to be 22nd January1987,the earliest possible available date as per the muhurrat
As the auspicious date drew near, the wrath of nature started its toll in full swing,cold could not have been colder,and to complicate the things more,the whole of Bihar went on an indefinite strike,including the transport system.


The Beginning

It was the 14th day of November 1986,an important crisis had emerged.
I, till then had strong opinion against marriage, such that my diary opened with words'"I'll marry but have only one wife,I'll be married to a single life"  

I, all fresh and jubilant stood before Lord Ganesha,four chits in hand containing names of prospective gorgeous life partner to be,.
chit `"Postpone till eternity,"  with other chits folded,put before "Ganesha" for his selection.
With closed eyes i picked the lucky draw of Lord Ganesha's choice"BELA"
I folded and placed chits again and told Lord to think again with cool mind,and picked the draw to be "BELA"
Stumped out I requested the Lord to think the third time and gave him five minutes to think up again if there is any change of mind.
But again the same choice came in draw "BELA".
Perplexed I gave him the last chance, Think again ,closed my eyes and picked up the choice to be"BELA". The verdict was given.